Napy in the Poppy Fields of the Antelope Valley, CA 2015

Nelson Anthony Pacheco ‘N.A.P.y’ learned to play guitar in 1983 with instruction from his father via a small folk choir of singers and musicians. Spending time in the Netherlands, he attended the North Sea Jazz Festival being exposed to great live musical influences (BB King, Santana, Jaco Pastorious, Joe Pass).  Napy’s grandfather, Roman, soon gave him his first electric guitar (Epiphone) which he used in his early introduction to hard rock and heavy metal music (Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Iron Maiden). This was a musical progression for him from his early influences like John Denver, Rush, Journey, The Police, and Chicago.

After returning to Colorado, he purchased his first analog 4-Track recorder (Fostex) and began to experiment with the process of capturing audio performances. In 1988 he joined the funk rock band Midnight Blue and soon moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles CA. The band was short lived, but his thirst for knowledge in audio recording was ramping up. He started acquiring gear to help himself and bands to create audio demos for club owners.

In Korea Town, 1994,  GBoy Studio was born through the digital audio revolution introduced by Alesis ADAT machines. Here, Napy booked recording sessions, engineered, mixed, and produced several aspiring artists mainly in the styles of Rap, Funk, and R&B. Later, the studio moved to Hawthorne, CA.

Napy at GBoy Studio during the ADAT recording era of the 1990’s

While running his studio, Napy was a founding member of the funk/rock bands Pocketship, The Rebel Punks, Scattered Thoughts, and created his musical persona Napynap, which focused on electronic instrumental music from which three albums were released. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) recognized Napynap Media publishing, which furthered Napy’s entrepreneurial capabilities.

In 2000, Napy transitioned his clients of GBoy to other studios as he embraced the fast moving digital direction that audio was taking. He decided to study computer networking and obtained industry certifications, working as a technical support representative with Verizon in the disciplines of telecommunications, internet, broadcast and video on demand. People skills were developed among an extremely broad customer base, including challenging situations in assisting customers directly affected by Hurricane Sandy. During his time with Verizon, Napy also learned the art of capturing and editing high quality video, earning a top spot among video productions across national centers. These skills have helped Napy through the Great Recession and he has returned full force to the audio and video world with a renewed creative passion for all of the skills he posesses, while never forgetting the talent blessings he has received.

Napynap 061

From 2012-2017, Napy was the main guitarist for the cover band Seventh Switch from Palmdale, CA from which he added latin based musical styles to his skillset. He connected and engineered the PA, recorded multitrack audio for live and practice performances, recorded and produced live video promos, connected stage lighting, and distributed internal audio recordings to band members.

StudiRoll Mobile Recording Studios

In 2014, Napy created StudiRoll mobile recording. The business provides audio and video production services including high quality transfering of older media like cassettes and VHS to DVD and current digital formats.

AVBRG 2017

Napy served as president for business networking groups in the Antelope Valley, CA such as BNI Success Builders, AV Business Referral Group, and AV Business Innovators. He attends meetings with other networking groups and local chambers of commerce luncheons.

Napynap engineers sound for Big Coyote Band

Napy began working with One West Media in 2015 to provide PA audio engineering and recording services, including marketing and promotional videos and posters for Billboard charting artist Chuck Murphy and his band Big Coyote.


Currently,  Napy works sessions for clients, performs shows with local bands as a guitarist and vocalist, engineers PA sound and recording, and creates new Napynap material.

Chuck Murphy & Napynap, Live at Rose, Pasadena, 2019

He is singing and playing guitar as an acoustic duo called Chuck Murphy & Napynap. The public performances of this act help to promote awareness for the important nonprofit organization Music & Kids in the Antelope Valley, CA.

Music and Kids

Music and Kids Music and Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to bridge the growing gap between government-funded educational programs in music and private funding. Please make a tax deductible donation today to help children learn the language of music. Be proud of your support. Thank you.